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What is custom software?

As a successful business, you have your own processes and procedures in place that set you apart from your competition. But you’re probably using the same off-the-shelf software everyone else in your industry uses. And experiencing the same limitations.

Perhaps you’re putting off implementing a new business process, because you don’t feel you have the right systems in place. Or maybe you already bit the bullet and are now beginning to feel the pain?

Many businesses feel their only choice is to adapt their processes to the limitations of mainstream software. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Custom software can be designed to work with your business. This allows you to work as efficiently as possible and it can have a dramatic impact on your productivity.

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We design and develop custom software.

Rapid Business Systems specialises in developing custom software to meet the needs of your business, rather than those of the mass market.

We offer a full service, from establishing your needs, to delivering a piece of software that satisfies them and training your employees how to use it. Our aftercare service provides any additional support you may need.

We can modify and develop your existing custom software — even if it was designed by another team.

And we can help to evolve your software, so it meets your current business needs, and fix any bugs that might have developed.

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