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Sometimes off-the-shelf software is exactly what you need.

While we specialise in developing custom software, we accept this is not always the right choice for everyone.

And we won’t suggest you pursue a custom development unless we think it’s in your best interests.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. If there’s an off-the-shelf solution we think will meet your needs, we’ll tell you about it — and we’ll even help you implement it.

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Off-the-shelf software has its advantages over custom software — and some drawbacks, too. But typically, it’s cheaper to implement and you can normally be up and running in less time. On the downside, the amount of choice can be overwhelming and the repercussions of choosing the wrong off-the-shelf product can be significant.

You need to consider whether the software meets the current needs of your business — and how future-proof it is.

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How Rapid Business Systems can help.

We can help you to identify what your business actually needs. In our experience, this often differs from what you think you need.

By spending time with you and your team — and understanding your business — we’ll ask the important questions that might make you re-evaluate your needs.

Once you understand exactly what you need, we’ll find the off-the-shelf software products that could potentially meet those requirements. We’ll also liaise with relevant software vendors, on your behalf, and ask the not-so-obvious questions you might not have thought of.

We’ll then put together a detailed report that outlines the costs, timelines, pros and cons of a number of potential options. We’ll also help you to identify any risks you need to take into consideration, such as the trading history of the software vendor you’re about to put your trust in.

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